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The most significant elements driving a successful Health Care M&A are:

1. Knowledge and
2. Information

M&As in the health care industry can be designed to accommodate varying structures of ownership and operating models. Strategic Healthcare Solutions understands the health care industry and provides its M&A support services primarily to organizations entering, exiting, or consolidating within the capitated (managed care) and non-capitated provider delivery systems and the management services organizations that serve them.

Strategic Healthcare Solutionsí M&A notification service is designed to assist health care executives interested in pursuing growth opportunities, economic efficiencies, and exit opportunities related to HMOs, MSOs, RBOs, and individual practices. Our simple and free online sign-up process provides both parties speedy access to pursue these opportunities.

Because Strategic Healthcare Solutionsí portal service provides a free and confidential notification process, parties are able to pursue discussions without alerting the entire industry. This confidentiality facilitates quiet negotiations rather than frenzied activity and speculation surrounding the strategic endeavors of the parties, not to mention impacted revenue producing clientele and enrollees.

Strategic Healthcare Solutions is also available for additional support services (interim or project based) regarding these competitive opportunities and to streamline the M&A lifecycle including due diligence, negotiations, pre-merger preparation, and closing and post-merger acquisition activities.

M&As involve a major capital investment. These transactions generally exceed the value of any typical capital investments relative to the acquiring entityís size. Our goal is to generate win-win arrangements to ensure the success of each transaction.

Donít miss out on the next opportunity due to lack of knowledge and information.

The Strategic Healthcare Solutions M&A notification system will provide your organization with that knowledge through our advance notification system and the information necessary to pursue your next successful M&A endeavor.

Creating Value Through M&As

  • Rapid growth opportunity

  • Operating efficiencies

  • Economies of scale

  • Realize tax benefits

  • Access surplus cash

  • Access market share

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