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Strategic Healthcare Solutions is a California based healthcare consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA. We specialize in the development and implementation of innovative and cost-effective business solutions designed to enhance and support organization and industry-wide strategic performance. The organization was established in 2002 in response to the needs of health maintenance organizations (HMO), risk-bearing provider organizations (RBO), and the California State Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) regarding provider fiscal solvency and HMO oversight within the managed care system. Our mission began simply as an avenue to provide technical and oversight support to HMOs and RBOs with specific focus on streamlining processes, eliminating redundancies, and increasing the value of administrative resources. While continuing this mission, we have since expanded our services to meet the broader needs of the health care community. Currently, Strategic Healthcare Solutions offers an array of interim and project-based finance, IBNR, claims, and management services designed to enhance operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in the health care industry.

As most health care administrators and practitioners have experienced, the cost associated with operational, contractual, and regulatory oversight in California has become an increasingly burdensome administrative reality at all levels of the health care delivery system. HMOs, RBOs, and individual practitioners have experienced higher demand for streamlining and compliance-related resources across the spectrum of their operations. Strategic Healthcare Solutions provides these resources on an interim-based, project-based, or long-term basis to meet the demands of

  • tactical and strategic operations,
  • analytic and assessment needs,
  • state and federal examinations,
  • health plan audits,
  • accreditation audits,
  • interim executive management, and
  • other quality-based finance and operations improvements.

  • The seemingly endless stream of cost-cutting, rate reductions, and contractual and regulatory audit engagements endured by plans, provider organizations, and MSOs has had a significant impact on organizations’ administrative resources with a direct impact on operating margins.

    Strategic Healthcare Solutions is committed to providing high-quality management, analytic, audit, and oversight services to the health care industry in a cost-effective manner for our business partners. Our experience with health care accounting, finance, claims & operations, and compliance practices has allowed us to streamline small and large scale processes and procedures to realize economies for HMOs, RBOs, MSOs, and other provider organizations. Most of our initiatives are developed to enhance

  • quality improvements and
  • operating efficiencies

  • and can be tailored for and scaled-to-fit most health care organizations. Improvements can be developed to support organizations from small practices to large HMOs.

    Strategic Healthcare Solutions initiatives can be easily implemented to ensure that your organization receives the results necessary to demonstrate superior, cost-effective business practices, and compliance with contractual and regulatory standards.


    Strategic Healthcare Solutions has staff with broad experience in the health care industry. Our staff includes CPAs, MBAs, and PhDs with years of experience in finance, accounting, claims & operations, and application and interpretation of the California Health & Safety Code, Knox-Keene Act of 1975, and California Code of Regulations. Our experience also covers HMO and provider organization contract administration including commercial, Healthy Families Program, Medicare, and Medi-Cal lines of business.

    Years of successful performance have helped the management of Strategic Healthcare Solutions forge a strong network of working relationships with leadership at the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC), and many of California's HMOs, risk-bearing organizations (RBO), and management service organizations (MSO). These relationships have provided us with the ongoing communications necessary to ensure continual feedback regarding our management solutions, policies, practices, guidelines, and expectations. In addition, they have provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of many well-coordinated and highly successful regulatory audit engagements with continued outstanding results.

    Strategic Healthcare Solutions is the practical and affordable solution to your finance/accounting, operations, and compliance needs.

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