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Strategic Healthcare Solutions offers an array of services to support the management decision-making and research needs of government and institutional organizations, HMO and provider organizations, and other service-related businesses. From oversight and audit services to management and analytic support services, Strategic Healthcare Solutions provides highly qualified CPAs, MBAs, RNs, and other management and medical professionals to meet the financial, accounting, and operational needs of health care organizations and service providers. In addition, our audit and support services are available to support research efforts, data gathering and analysis, and other operational aspects of medical related services. All services are available on an interim, project-based, or long-term basis; whichever best meets your needs. Providing resource flexibility is a key to our continuing success.

Audit & Oversight Services

Finance, Operations & Compliance*

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 Internal Controls Assessment
 Internal and External Audit
 Financial Review/Assessment
 Claims Audit
 Chart Review & Abstraction
 Risk Pool Analysis
 IBNR Assessment
 Contractual Compliance Assessment
 Regulatory Compliance Assessment
 Audit Preparation
 Audit Support
 Audit Coordination
 Other Services


















Whether cyclical, seasonal, short- or long-term, Strategic Healthcare Solutions can provide the solution to your financial and operational oversight and auditing needs.

* not an exhaustive list of services or experience.
See also: Management & Analytic Services

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